First post

Hey, welcome to my blog!

(Heh, look at me – already assuming I have a readership!)

I thought I’d use my first post as a general intro to what I intend this blog to be about.

My name is Bec W, and I am a musician. Some might say I am a starving musician at this point, given that I’m not making a living off my music. (I just want to stress, though, that I am comfortably lower-middle-class and have food to eat – I don’t mean to make light of people who are actually starving.  ‘Starving musician’ is just a common phrase to describe a so-called ‘unsuccessful musician’, who hasn’t ‘made it big’ yet. Whatever ‘make it big’ means in this day and age).
My dearest wish is to make the transition from ‘starving’ to ‘full’ – someone who is successful in music, is making a living off their creativity and helping and inspiring people through their creations. I want to feel ‘full’ spiritually and creatively, and ‘fulfil’ what I believe to be my life mission. Cue laughter! “There are infinite musos out there all trying to get a foot in the door,” I can hear the haters chiding me in amusement. To them I say…I can try, can’t I? I feel that it’s better to go after what I love than waste my life, regretting that I didn’t work harder at my true passion. I have tried different jobs. I’ve tried working full-time. It kills my soul. Seriously, I become stressed, run-down, snappy towards people I love, and too exhausted when I get home to do anything creative. There have been times when I’ve gotten sick of being ‘poor’ and taken on a lot of work, and been making quite a good amount of money. But clearly money does not buy happiness for me. I felt empty, out-of-sorts and borderline depressed, despite my new ability to afford things. I just feel there’s no point living like that. I just know somehow that to be truly happy, I  have to be my own boss, and I have to be creating. Creating is one of the only things in life that feels pure and good to me, and gives me lasting satisfaction. That and helping people. Making music allows me to do both!

In terms of the reasons behind writing this blog – I’m feeling kind of restless in life at the moment. I am in a band and love it, but I need something else, a new creative outlet for just me. I’ve always loved writing, so I thought – why not write a blog about what I’m going through? I’m sure there are many musicians out there in the same boat as me. I intend to write daily or as often as possible. My goals are to:

– Document the steps I’m taking with my band and my songwriting to get to the mythical ‘next level’

– Keep myself motivated in my goals, and keep myself ‘thinking positively’ in order to attract the success I want (hence calling this blog “The Full Musician” rather than “The Starving Musician” – better to think positively than negatively!)

– Motivate and inspire others by sharing my experiences, and any interesting/helpful material I come across.

I just want to stress that the goal of this blog is NOT particularly to promote my music, though of course I will be sharing my band’s recordings and info on shows when they come up. It’s more just a general sharing of the process that I hope will be interesting and inspiring to people. It may grow into something different, I have some vague future ideas like interviewing other musicians on their process. Let’s see how this pans out, shall we?

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2 Responses to First post

  1. I completly agree with you, I hate to be bossed. I’ve been fired of my job in a bank becouse I didn’t have any “working enthusiast”. How can I be enthusiastic about been in front of a computer all day, doing boring stuff that will only help a guy to be millionare… I’m starting a photographer life now, I hope I’d do enough money to live. I love to photograph, and would love to live from that.

    • I agree, haha. I’ve had similar experiences in retail. Some people take it sooo seriously & seem to be really upset when you can’t show enthusiasm for the job. I guess it proves we aren’t meant for that sort of work. Some people are, and good for them because it takes all kinds to make a world, I guess!

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