I suck!

Hmm, so…I haven’t posted in the last few days because I really feel I’ve had nothing to talk about musically!

I’ve done literally nothing musical since my last post, except one strings jam with Ross & our new guitarist Gerard. (Unless you count bopping to asinine pop music at work as ‘musical’.) It’s been a lazy few days.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to  hold myself accountable for reaching my goals. I guess one of the things I’m going to have to deal with is not hiding from writing the blog when I’m hiding from my musical duties…! They go hand in hand.

Our jam with Gerard went really well. We only got through 2 songs this time, but Gerard is a thorough learner & wanted to get the songs down ‘right’, instead of just glossing over them. Plus one of the songs was a 7 minute + opus that has many different parts. I admire Gerard’s guitar style, and think he will bring a lot to the band, particularly when the ‘learning old songs’ part is over and we begin actually writing new material with him.

That’s always the funny part of being in a band – you are constantly playing and rehashing old material. Constantly “playing the past”. I guess the trick to staying current is to keep writing, and make sure you have the ruthlessness to cull old material when it doesn’t represent you well anymore.

In one of my previous posts (I think the one about lyrics), I mentioned giving yourself a songwriting assignment to help with writer’s block. I am going to do that for myself, because lord knows I’ve been stagnating lately and being really lazy. It’s not a matter of being too busy; I’ve actually had more time than usual on my hands. I’ve just been doing too much chatting online and watching TV. I’ve been having some personal relationship problems too. Sometimes this can make you extra creative, and look for an outlet for your feelings. But instead I’m doing the opposite and looking for distractions, instead of facing my situation. Blah! I curse myself! Sometimes it’s too much, though, and you just need to switch off instead of over-analyzing everything.

Since I still don’t feel like delving deep enough right now to face these problems in song, I’m giving myself a random creative writing topic. Using this random word generator from Creativity Games.net, I’m about to generate a word that I will make the theme of my song. Even if the song is a piece of crap, I intend to finish it by my next blog post tomorrow 🙂

Ok, the word I got was: duty.

Oh. SUPER EXCITING, lol. I’ll try my best though. I also tried the 2-word generator, but I think I can write more about ‘duty’ than the concepts of ‘cheese’ and ‘gnome’. Although I’m sure a song about cheese eating gnomes would be amusing!

So, on my agenda: random song about duty, and calling up early tomorrow about getting custom ear plugs made. A friend saw my post about the expensive ear plugs, happens to be manager of a line of audio stores and offered me a special deal. W00t! This blog is paying off! Haha. See you next time, and my apologies for this not-very-exciting post.

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