90s rap and ‘sampling’

Quick, fun post today…I was feeling nostalgic for some rap songs that became big in the 90s (probably from seeing Will Smith on The Graham Norton Show – made me think of Will’s ‘Men in Black’ song). Upon reflection, I realised just how damn many popular 90s rap songs have used samples. Especially from 70s and 80s funk songs.

From what I hear, sampling has always been a big part of rap culture. I’m not exactly criticizing these rappers for that, I like a lot of these songs. Just thought it would be fun to show the originals and their ‘remixes’.

I’m not gonna list ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice, because it’s so obvious. But I do think it’s amusing that Queen sued him for his unauthorized use of ‘Under Pressure’.

OK! Here we go…

And what is a very amusing sendup of Will Smith:

So we also have:

Quite a sweet song:

Using the music of a song that’s anything but sweet:

I always liked this song, did anyone else think of this straight after Obama got elected?:


Sampled from:


To me, Eminem completely unnecessarily sampled (and mangled) this song. One of my favourite 70s songs, used for another dumb diatribe about Kim:

The much-better original:

And finally:

😛 Taken from:

Sorry Willow, as my boyfriend likes to point out, whipping your hurr has already been done.

Can you think of any other notable examples?

Have a fun day! xo

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9 Responses to 90s rap and ‘sampling’

  1. Awesome post! This is the type of posting I have been wanting to find for pretty much forever!! Which rendition is your fav?

    • Aw! Thank you :)! Hmm they’re all good (except Eminem’s song annoys me). I think probably ‘Changes’ or ‘I’ll be Missing You’ are my favourites. ‘Changes’ has the best lyrics. The original songs are great too, but the new, sampled versions are nice and punchy with better beats.

    • Is it lame that I also love the Coolio and Will Smith songs? Haha. I remember I could recite all the lyrics from “Gangsta’s Paradise” in grade school.

  2. Will Smith is legendary. I loved his 90s output but I still haven’t forgiven him for selling Wild Wild West to me (great song, awful film).

  3. I have to say, I was a huuuuge 2Pac fan back in the day. I loved “Changes” and “Til the End of Time”. But sampling has been going on since the beginning of the genre. We’re all aware of it but it’s great when you here an obscure song and it just feels “familiar”. One of the biggest sampling offenders was Puff Daddy, he sampled EVERY SINGLE SONG he produced (I liked “Mo Money, Mo Problems”, though).

  4. SJHarlow says:

    Patrice Rushen hair is amazing! I love the silver pieces, I need to learn how to do that!!

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