Talent Tuesday…Wednesday?…#3 – Dave’s Pawn Shop

What’s been up

Hey all! I didn’t get my ‘Talent Tuesday’ post finished yesterday, so here it is…better late than never…
I’m a bit behind, as I just got a promotion at my retail fashion job to Assistant Manager. (How exciting!) I’m not used to working so much, so that has taken up a lot of my time and left me tired this week. I’ll have to find a better way to manage my schedule, so that I have enough hours to blog and work on music (and have a life, too). I wasn’t particularly seeking the responsibility of Assistant Manager, but since the opportunity came up, I took it. It means more work hours, which means more $$$ in the bank to convert into a great amp, more music gear and funding for my band. Woo! I wish I could exist without a ‘day job’ at the moment, but I do need to fund my music somehow. And at least I like my day job enough that it isn’t torturous. And I can leave it at the door when I go home.

Dave’s Pawn Shop – James, Jon & Jake

Dave’s Pawn Shop – The Lowdown

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Dave’s Pawn Shop, a 3-piece alternative band from the Gold Coast, Australia. The new bass player of Dave’s Pawn Shop happens to be my band’s previous guitarist, Jon. (But I’m not posting about them because I semi-know them, it’s because they’re genuinely awesome!)

I saw Dave’s Pawn Shop play a gig a few weeks ago, and was really impressed. Even though it was a crappy evening (raining and freezing) and there wasn’t the best energy in the venue, these guys played an amazing show. They are really riveting live, and have an effortless stage charisma that doesn’t come across calculated or put-on. They’re a band who are really ‘themselves’ and aren’t playing at being rock stars.

The name ‘Dave’s Pawn Shop’ comes from the pawn store featured on a hilarious New Zealand TV show called ‘Flight of the Conchords’. (Such a funny show, see clip below). “You know you’re not in high finance, considering second hand underpants.”


I think the boys’ calling themselves Dave’s Pawn Shop really suits them: it suggests a sense of humour, which definitely comes across in the way the band presents themselves. The name also, in a more esoteric way, suggests the idea of a pawn shop, which is a mix of the vintage and the new. In the guys’ songs, you can hear a mix of alternative grunge, punk, rock and psychadelia. That’s at least 3 different decades of music represented right there! In their songs, there’s also something that’s just essentially and originally “their own”, too. When I saw them live, they used some really interesting noise and feedback, and had an unpredictable and slightly dangerous edge to them. Which, I think, is an important ingredient for any good rock band.

Here’s a clip from last year of them live in the studio with their song ‘Stale’. This is still with their older lineup, but you can see some of the live energy they put out in this clip. Jake’s charisma as frontman is evident, as is the hard-hitting, tight style of their drummer, James. And, I mean, that guitar solo is just awesome. Plus, funny behind-the-scenes-ness at the end..


And here’s a video the band has just knocked up for their song ‘Genetics’:


History so far

Dave’s Pawn Shop are a pretty young band, both in members’ ages and band history. They began just last year, with singer/guitarist Jake and drummer James putting things together. The two met at Uni (studying music production at the Gold Coast conservatorium), and began jamming. The first incarnation of DPS saw them as a 4-piece, but they eventually dwindled to the 3-piece they are now, with Jon as a new addition on bass. They have a really large sound for such a small band, though. And I like the fact that a 3-piece can allow some moments of sparseness between the really loud, full parts of their songs.

I think this band has a lot of potential in their playing, performance and songwriting. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in future.

What’s Next?

Dave’s Pawn Shop have recorded an EP, and are at releasing it in the next couple of months. If you live near the Gold Coast or Brisbane, make sure you see them live – they put on a wicked show!

In the meantime, you can keep up with them here:

Dave’s Pawn Shop Bandcamp (free download!)

Dave’s Pawn Shop Facebook

Dave’s Pawn Shop on Triple J Unearthed (2 free downloads here!)

🙂 Stay awesome!

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9 Responses to Talent Tuesday…Wednesday?…#3 – Dave’s Pawn Shop

  1. keithpp says:

    More amazing talent for you …

    Thriller – Imogen Heap


    Somebody That I Used To Know – Mike Dawes



  2. keithpp says:

    I stumbled across Imogen Heap a couple of months ago when Steve Lawson mentioned her as a good example of use of social media (with which I agree).


    Yes, I have to agree. She is one of the most talented people I have come across.


  3. keithpp says:

    Dave’s Pawn Shop I think I will give a miss. A bloody awful noise!

  4. keithpp says:

    I Have a Story To Tell – Ged Brockie Band


    interesting, their other stuff I have heard not worth listening to.

    The irony is Ged Brockie writes a blog how to promote music. Which makes it all the more baffling why put his music on Reverbnation, about as bad as putting on myspace. If he is serious, he would be on bandcamp.


  5. nyparrot says:

    You go ‘Dave’s Pawn Shop’! I’ve enjoyed ‘Genetics’, and the band member’s handsome looks:).

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