When it rains, it pours…

Such has been the nature of the latest weekend of recording with my band.

This is how it felt

As we enter this new month of July, so much stuff is going on for everyone. The recording is not going according to schedule, unfortunately! It’s all stuff that we can work around, but we didn’t get nearly as much done as we planned to, this weekend. We wanted to get all of my lead vocals, James’ backing vocals, Ged’s guitar and extra percussion recorded over the two days. Instead, we only managed to get my vocals for 3 out of 5 songs, and Ged’s guitar for 2 out of 5 songs. What a bummer. We worked really hard, but recording is a time-consuming process, especially when you’re working with only one engineer.

Ross (our guitarist) is extremely sick with either the flu or tonsilitis…you can SEE his tonsils protruding from his neck. It’s not good! (Incidentally, my mother is also sick, so I’ve been trying to hold it all together and not catch anything. Been making Ross super healthy juices and feeding him flu drugs all weekend.) Ross has been a trooper, though, still driving everywhere and packing/unloading all his gear. Ged has been forced to move out of his house really quickly (his jerky landlord and his housemates had a disagreement), so he had to spend this Saturday moving. (That was okay, because I had work Sunday. So I did my vocals on Saturday.) Luckily, Ged was able to get away Sunday to do his guitar, but we only got 2 songs done. He is extremely tired from all of the moving, driving and recording. And poor James had to sit around and wasn’t able to do anything. I have been promoted at work, which is awesome, but it’s at a place in time where I really wouldn’t mind having more free time.  (Then again, it’s going to help a lot with paying for it all!)

Oh yeah, and we have a gig coming up in around 2 weeks, but suddenly on the weekend we were offered 2 other gigs…during the same week as our original gig. So now we’ll be doing 3 gigs within the space of a week – Saturday, Tuesday, then Thursday. Say whaaaaat! Talk about gigmania. It’s a bit crazy, but I think it will be great experience for us. It will give us more experience playing live, and the more you play, the better you get. We can pretend we’re on a mini-tour.

So, I wasn’t “feeling” vocals Saturday, though I managed to get 3 songs done. I was singing for something like 6-7 hours straight, but with take after take, it doesn’t get done as quickly as you’d think. Not to be a ‘diva’, but sometimes you’re just not in the right mood to ‘sing’. Most days I am, but yesterday was not one of them. I don’t think I have Ross’ tonsilitis, but I blew my throat out a bit last Thursday night at band rehearsal. My throat still felt a bit ‘rough’. I did my very best to put feeling and emotion into everything, though. (That is more important to me than being technically ‘perfect’, which no one really is. Bob Dylan, anyone?)

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Day #1: Tracked all drums, 12pm-10pm

Day #2: Tracked all Ross’ guitar and my bass, 9am-9pm

Day #3: Tracked my vocals for 3 out of 5 songs, 12pm-9pm

Day #4: Tracked some do-overs for Ross’ guitar, and Ged’s guitar for 2 out of 5 songs, 9am-6pm

So we still have to do my vocals for 2 songs, Ged’s guitar for 3 songs, extra percussion, backing vocals, and retrack my bass for one song where it was creating some wack noise. Whew! So far we have racked up 40 hours or a full working week making this EP. We can do the rest of our recordings at our engineer’s house. It’s just a matter of finding days that work for all of us. We’ll probably go in and do it separately.

This whole thing has been an interesting exercise in time management and a learning curve about recording for us. I really thought that by the beginning of July we’d have everything recorded, if not mixed and edited, by now. Nope…It’s looking like it will be (realistically) the end of July when everything is done. (I hope). We can still do things in preparation, anyway. Our friend is working on an EP cover design for us, and we can probably get band photos and a video done this month.

Thanks for reading! Have a great start to the second half of the year…

xoxo Bec

EDIT: Ross would like to add this, haha: “ahh u forgot to mention… ITS SOUNDING FAT AS!!!!!!!!” We’re pretty happy with how it’s sounding…


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