Band comp heat winners!

I’ve been AWOL from this blog for a few days again…but for good reason!

My band The Halls had a sudden opportunity come up to play in a local band competition, but we didn’t have much time to prepare. We played in the first heat, last night. I’m proud to say that we were one of 2 acts (out of 5) chosen to go through to the finals! (The other act who got through was a young pop-punk band.)

This accomplishment was fairly unexpected for me…we entered with an attitude of “it’s just for the experience, let’s do some more live shows”. We have only played live once before, and this is the first time we’ve taken to the stage with our new guitarist, Ged. So it was a very pleasant surprise to make the cut. Now we have the chance to battle it out in roughly a month for some great prizes, including 2 weeks studio time to record an EP, $1000 towards printing CDs, mastering, CD artwork, CD design and a spot playing at a local music festival. Pretty cool stuff. And here we are, already recording an EP ourselves like suckers 😛

Anyway, we aren’t expecting to win, but it’s cool to be involved in something like this, and to be mingling with local talent and other bands. Plus, it was a nice boost to our confidence and band morale to get the nod for the finals. I’m really proud of Ross, James & Ged. We are still finding our feet live, but I know we all did our best. James kept the pace much more controlled than last time, which was awesome. People in the audience seemed to really enjoy some songs, and we had some very flattering comments (as well as some constructive criticism). We played two new songs that we didn’t play at our last gig, ‘Dancing on Your Grave’ and ‘Baron Samedi’, and they seemed to get a good reception! I need to work on not ‘blowing out’ my voice live, though. Today I had a bit of a throatache, and I know it’s from busting out a few screams that I probably should have controlled better.

I really enjoyed one of the acts that didn’t get through from last night, called ‘Since We Kissed’. And the audience loved them. I’m going to profile them this week on my ‘Talent Tuesday’ post. If you’re around the Gold Coast area, check out Lovestreet Studios – that’s the studio running the band comp, everyone there is really easygoing and talented.

That’s all from me – I’m beat, after getting to bed so late last night and working all day.

Have a great week!

🙂 Bec

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