Talent Tuesday #5 – Since We Kissed

Since We Kissed strumming it up

Hey all!

In this week’s Talent Tuesday, I’d like to introduce y’all to Since We Kissed, a duo I saw perform last Saturday night on the Gold Coast.

Prairie and Lance from Since We Kissed are funny, witty and unique. (Anyone who can integrate heavy use of the c-word into a sweet, innocent sounding folk tune has got my interest!) They are acoustic, with Lance playing guitar and Prairie playing a pretty darn sweet acoustic bass that got me a bit excited.

When I saw these cats perform live, the crowd absolutely loved them. I’m talking random strangers filming the stage, people laughing hysterically, and the crowd actually shutting up and listening to the band talk. And it isn’t hard to see why.  Songs like ‘Make Love to a Ranga’ get you cracking up, but Since We Kissed also have a sweet, honest ‘realness’ to them that is appealing. There is great chemistry between Prairie and Lance onstage, and they have a relaxed interaction during their show that leads them to finish each other’s sentences, and overlap their lines in songs. All of this creates a very casual, effortless vibe that makes Since We Kissed’s songs seem spontaneous and conversational. As an audience, you feel like you’re witnessing something very fresh and uncontrived.

There were some nice little surprises in the set, too, like when Lance began rapping, and during the song ‘Jazmin et Cigarette’. This was a fun and different song in that the band simply wrote a list of things they love and hate, and turned it into a song. (Cool idea for lyrics – link below:)

You can keep up with what Since We Kissed are doing on their official website, or on Facebook. If you’re a local, go see them at the Parkwood Tavern’s band competition this Saturday night (the 14th) – it’s crowd voting that determines the winner!

PS: In other news, I got a horrible cough yesterday that has developed into a sore throat today…and I have a gig tomorrow night 😦 Oh dear. Stay tuned for a report on how that goes…!

Until next time!

🙂 Bec

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3 Responses to Talent Tuesday #5 – Since We Kissed

  1. Awesome! Good on you Lance and Prairie for getting such great press. They are well loved in Melbourne too! Keep an eye and ear out for this inspirational duo. ROCK!

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