Third gig and pregnancy dreams!

Hey all!

Last night was my band The Halls‘ 3rd gig, at Surfers Paradise Tavern’s Beer Garden. I had heaps of fun! It was definitely our most relaxed gig yet. My aforementioned illness was still somewhat present, but Ross was right when he told me that once you are about to perform, the adrenalin removes most of the obstacles you face. I didn’t have much trouble controlling my voice and getting volume, although I seemed to veer off-key sometimes.

The venue was pretty cool – extremely filthy, but for a Gold Coast crowd, the people were quite receptive. The sound team was really nice, and for once I felt like my vocals were at a good, loud volume. Unfortunately I lost my favourite purple lead, after lending it to the band after us 😦 I just bought some new leads, anyway. So it’s not a tragedy. I really liked that lead though… *Cries hysterically into napkin*

There were a few people that came out to support us (thanks guys!). Prairie from Since we Kissed came out to the gig and even videoed it, which was a nice surprise. We got to see some video footage this morning of our songs “Thespian” and “The Sea is Red” (aka Sea Song). I was pretty pleased with Thespian; it sounded quite good and we were all getting into it onstage. It didn’t sound perfect, but hey, it’s our 3rd gig. And live, things get a little punk. “The Sea is Red” was pretty craptacular, though. Ross and I have come to the conclusion that we need to chop it from our set. I love the song on record, but live, it sounds…weird. I was off key nearly the whole song; somehow it’s hard to sing the right key live…the instrumentals don’t provide enough guidance for me to catch the key. (Or something!) And we played it too fast, which removes a lot of the song’s atmosphere. It’s a song that stays in the same place for a long time, too, which is maybe not that dynamic and not very entertaining live. Anyway. The video of its performance was pretty nasty. However, I’m not really surprised. Ross and I were even saying last night – before we saw any video – that we should cut it. We were happy with the rest of our set, though! I think in a few more gigs we’ll be really busting out on stage. My favourite part of the performance last night was me spitting water into Ross’ mouth. That was pretty fun.

After the gig, it was really nice to chat with other bands who had come for the gig, and who were playing the gig. It was Em from The Androgyny‘s birthday, so we all sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ and sent her on her way…

Then this morning I woke up after the gig, having had this interesting and memorable dream. I thought it seemed symbolic, so figured I would share it here!

I like trying to interpret my dreams. I used to have this recurring dream a few years back of driving a car and feeling entirely out of control of it. Then I read this cool book called Dream Alchemy, and in the list of ‘common dreams’ it had one listed called, ‘Who’s Driving this Car?” It suggested that being out of control of a car mirrored feeling out of control in your life/body, and that your dream had unique clues as to what was going on. (Eg – was it me driving the car, feeling like I would crash? Was no one driving? Where was I trying to go? Was I in the backseat while my parents drove it?, etc). After I read that passage and started de-coding my driving dreams, the dreams went away soon after. And these dreams had dragged on for years!

For when you just can’t fucking stop dreaming of clowns.

So in my dream last night, I was pregnant and soon about to give birth. (No, I’m NOT pregnant, lol. I actually always see pregnancy dreams as exciting, and indicative that something big is coming.) In my dream, I was panicking a little bit, though, because I hadn’t realized I was pregnant. It was around my mother’s birthday (January 15th). The baby gave me a little kick that made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I remember visiting Los Angeles in the dream. Also in my dream, someone brought up the idea of me giving birth at an Ayn Rand hospital (you will be laughing right now if you know who Ayn Rand is. She founded this philosophical movement called ‘Objectivism’. At its most basic level, from what I have seen, it seems to be a movement that glorifies selfishness and sees helping others as pointless, unless it’s for personal gain.)
In my dream I was really against giving birth at the Ayn Rand hospital, because that idea gave me a bad feeling.

SO, here’s what I get out of that dream. ‘Dream Alchemy’ sees babies and children in dreams as representing creativity and projects. (And especially since I just had a gig the night before, this seems likely.) Before I went to sleep last night, Ross and I talked about having a writing jam today, and I was thinking a lot about future gigs and when we would get really good live. So maybe the date ‘around January 15th’ is a clue, perhaps a cool opportunity will come up then, or maybe we will just take our live playing to another level. I thought about how long you carry a baby when I woke up – eg, if I gave birth mid-January, when would I have first gotten ‘pregnant’? It would have been 9 months earlier, in Mid-April..I’m not sure if that’s a hugely significant time, but that was the time we got word that we’d be playing our first gig. I guess April this year consisted of us as a band doing a lot of preparation for transitioning into live gigs. The last thoughts I got from my dream are that something with Los Angeles may come up, and NOT to “give birth”, aka, “bring my creativity to fruition” in an “Ayn Rand” (selfish) sort of way. So I guess teamwork and a sort of selflessness will be necessary to make things work with this band.

Lol, this all probably sounds incredibly woolly. But I’ve always enjoyed decoding my dreams. It’s all to do with your unique experiences and feelings…for example, someone else dreaming about Ayn Rand may have a totally different perspective than me. Maybe they love Ayn Rand, and she will symbolize positive things in their dream.

Okay, now that I’ve sufficiently weirded y’all out, I have two days of freedom from work to enjoy!

Catch you on the flip side…

xo Bec

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