Talent Tuesday #6 – The Boys

There’s a 90s revival happening in Australian music right now, and today’s ‘Tuesday Talent’ are in the thick of it. Meet The Boys – the newest “it” band in Brisbane.

(…And ‘The Boys’ are all female! The ironing!…I mean. Irony.)

It’s the Spice Girls!…only…lots better.

In a world where the phrase “she plays well…for a girl” is STILL tossed around, The Boys bring refreshment to the party. And Jordan, Sophia, Rachel, Ariana and Ella-Jane have created an addictive musical cocktail. It’s pretty delicious. Tastes…good. (I’ve run out of drink metaphors now.) Blending rock, grunge and rebellious, fun-loving punk spirit, these five gals are channeling alternative bands from the 90s, as well as the rocktagious outrageousness of the 70s. They also happen to be excellent live performers. Check out the video below to see what I mean. The band interacts with each other effortlessly, and look completely natural onstage:

I think one of the most appealing things about The Boys (apart from their music) is their collective personality, which they have in spades. It’s evident immediately in their rad stage outfits, colourful hair and sometimes-silly photo poses. But it goes further than the surface. The Boys keep their blog and Facebook page bursting with wit, fun memes and pics, and caring-but-not-annoying social activism. Plus, they funny, y’all. This vid below of Jordan and Ella, with Jordan faking an ‘Annie’ audition, set me a-gigglin’. (Jordan, just in case rock music doesn’t work out for you, you may have a career in Broadway ahead):

In July, The Boys held a ‘Back to the 90s’ party (something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s on the list for my next b’day party). Their gigs are certainly turning into major events in Brisbane. And with a very dedicated (and growing) fanbase, these girls are set to kick some serious ass with their upcoming demo EP release at Ric’s on the 22nd of September*. (*Also playing at the launch are the awesome Dave’s Pawn Shop!). So if you’re in the Brisbane area, make sure you keep up with The Boys’ online links, and make it to what’s sure to be a memorable show.

Now go become Boys fans. You know you wanna!

Over & out,

Bec xx

PS: If you happen to wanna adorn yourself with The Boys’ threads, you can do so here!

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