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A guide to the boring side of music

Oh yeah, this is going to be a super exciting post. You’d better avert your eyes now before you fall asleep. For reasons that must remain mysterious (I’ll tell you the whole story when I can. I promise!), The Halls … Continue reading

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What i$ a Musician Worth? Part 1 – Gigging

I have been reading and watching some interesting material lately, which has really got me thinking about what a musician is worth in today’s global climate… I have written before that I’m all for the digital age. I’ve argued that … Continue reading

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Big world changes in the air

Is anyone else getting the feeling that the world is changing in a big way? Okay, I know, the world is always in a state of flux. Probably people at every stage of history have thought, “gee, things are really … Continue reading

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How to deal when others don’t support your passion

Hey all! Here’s the lowdown on my latest band happenings: we had a practice last night with our fill-in guitarist for our upcoming gig. It was pretty satisfying; we got a lot of work done and are starting to sound … Continue reading

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