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A guide to the boring side of music

Oh yeah, this is going to be a super exciting post. You’d better avert your eyes now before you fall asleep. For reasons that must remain mysterious (I’ll tell you the whole story when I can. I promise!), The Halls … Continue reading

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The agony and the ecstasy (okay, only the agony) of music as torture

Music as torture?…No, I’m not talking about the latest Justin Bieber record. I’m talking about music used as a weapon. To torture people. This post’s about to get a little dark. It’s such a fascinating topic, though… I saw a … Continue reading

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Talent Tuesday #6 – The Boys

There’s a 90s revival happening in Australian music right now, and today’s ‘Tuesday Talent’ are in the thick of it. Meet The Boys – the newest “it” band in Brisbane. (…And ‘The Boys’ are all female! The ironing!…I mean. Irony.) … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus’ haircut – who gives a sh*t?

There are gazillions of undiscovered, awesome indie bands out there – and the internet is all up in arms about Miley Cyrus’ haircut. Numerous online photo galleries have appeared, chronicling her follicular metamorphosis. Countless negative tweets have been fired at … Continue reading

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Olympics, photos + last night’s gig

Yesterday was a big day… So, I got up early and watched most of the Olympics opening ceremony. Which made me bawl like a baby. There’s something about hundreds of thousands of people coming together in peace (or in this … Continue reading

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“Religious” bands – more than Christian?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to make fun of your religion. Or if I am, I’m making fun of all of them equally. I’m irreligious, but was christened a Catholic, and have half-Jewish blood. So, no hard feelings to anyone. The … Continue reading

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Third gig and pregnancy dreams!

Hey all! Last night was my band The Halls‘ 3rd gig, at Surfers Paradise Tavern’s Beer Garden. I had heaps of fun! It was definitely our most relaxed gig yet. My aforementioned illness was still somewhat present, but Ross was … Continue reading

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